How I decorated my Irish stout cake

For St. Patrick’s day on Friday, I posted how to make Irish stout cake with white chocolate mint ganache. What I didn’t show you were the tricks I used to decorate it. So, this week, I thought I’d share a couple tips with you so you can decorate your cake like I did.

I told you about carving
and crumb coating,
so now I’ll tell you the rest!

After your crumb coat, you ice it with the outer layer of ganache that everyone will see.

To make the Celtic knot, I actually went online and found a picture of the one I wanted. Print your picture out (Or trace it onto a sheet of paper like i did) and cut it out. Then place it on the cake where you want it.

Next, I took an empty salt shaker, and filled it with cocoa powder.

Use this to sprinkle cocoa over your design.
If the cocoa is being stubborn and not wanting to come out, just hold the shaker upside-down and tap the bottom.

Once the whole area is covered, lift your stencil away.

For the tiny shamrocks, I used a petal tip in an icing bag. I just squeezed out the icing for each little leaf and then made a little line for the stem. 20170316_223430

If you look closely, you can see that the coloring was actually starting to separate by this point. I blame this on the fact that I left my icing out of the fridge while my cake was chilling. If it had gone back in the fridge, too, I don’t think it would have separated. But it tasted fine anyway. 🙂

Obviously, you can decorate your cake however you want, but these are the techniques I used. They’re pretty simple and I actually use them a lot.

If you make this cake or use these techniques for decorating, feel free to post your pics below! I would love to see them!


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