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Hey, guys! I’m InnerSerckle. I’m a 25 year old baking enthusiast/journalist who’s just trying to figure out a way to do what I love. This could be it!

I grew up in central Kentucky as a PK. For those of you who don’t speak the youth group lingo, that mean’s preacher’s kid. My dad was an associate pastor/youth leader down south. Oh, but Kentucky isn’t south, it’s in the middle! Trust me, ok? The town I grew up in? It was the south.

When I was 12, my family moved to Illinois. It took a while to get settled, but this is home now. 🙂

After high school, I went to college and got my degree in journalism! I loved school, growing up, and college was no different. I definitely picked the right major, unfortunately, it’s a tough field. I’ve got a day-job now but am always working on ways to do what I love.

I don’t remember exactly when I fell in love with baking, but a few years ago I started to break out of my shell. I’ve baked graduation cupcakes, anniversary cakes, spooky Halloween cakes, specialty “groom’s” cakes (for the anniversary party). I bake Gingerbread and a family recipe for chocolate candy


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